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-2021 Macbook Air M1 running Logic Pro X

-Presonus Quantum 26x32 x2 

-Presonus Monitor Station 

-Presonus Eris 8

-Kali Audio LP-6 Monitors

-11'x30' Room treated for mixing and tracking 


-Ludwig Neusonic (22,12,16)

-Ludwig Supraphonic 

-Ludwig Classic Maple

-Sabian and Zildian cymbals

available to rent




-Deadweald Duality DX

-Abominable Electronics Hellmouth

-Maxon OD808

-MXR Custom Modified Badass OD


-Ibanez Mini Chorus

-MXR Mini Carbon Copy 

-Boss DD3

-Boss NS-2

-Boss Tu-3 

-Shure Sm57 x2

-Shure SM7B

Shure SM81 x2

-EV PL35 x 3

-Audio Technica Atm230

-Audio Technica Atm250

-Slate ML-2 x2

-Solomon Lo-Freq Subkick

-Samson CO2 SDC x2

-Audio Technica At4047 x2

-Heil PR30

-Audio Technica AT4054

-Shure KSM141 x2 

-Shure KSM44

-Cascade Fathead x2 

-Sterling ST170 x2 

-Gibson Les Paul Custom

-Gibson SG (BKP Cold Sweats)

-Fender Deluxe Active P Bass Special


Friedman Runt 50 w/ Hot Mod

Peavey 6505+

Evh 5150 III 50 

Peavey VTM 60

Peavey VTM Cab (Celestion K85)

Splawn 4x12 (V30 and G12H30)

Avatar 2x12 (V30 and G12m-65)

Ampeg 6x10 Bass Cab*

Marshall Mode 4 4x12 (V30)*

Mesa Boogie 4x12 (V30)*

*Available to rent for live events


Capi VP312 x2 

Fredenstein Artistic Pre x 2

Warm WA76 (1176)

DBX 560A x2 

Gear available at Cold War Studios:

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