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-2021 Macbook Air M1 running Logic Pro X

-Presonus Quantum 26x32 x2 

-Presonus Monitor Station 

-Genelec 8030A Monitors 

-Presonus T10 Sub 

-11'x30' Room treated for mixing and tracking 


-Ludwig Neusonic (22,12,16)

-Ludwig Supraphonic 

-Ludwig Black Magic

-Sabian and Zildian cymbals

available to rent




-Deadweald Duality DX

-Abominable Electronics Hellmouth

-Maxon OD808

-MXR Custom Modified Badass OD


-Ibanez Mini Chorus

-MXR Mini Carbon Copy 

-Boss DD3

-Boss NS-2

-Boss Tu-3 

-Shure Sm57 x2

-Shure SM7B

Shure SM81 x2

-EV PL35 x 4

-Audio Technica Atm230

-Audio Technica Atm250

-Solomon Lo-Freq Subkick

-Samson CO2 SDC x2

-Audio Technica At4047 x2

-Heil PR30

-Audio Technica AT4054

-Shure KSM141 x2 

-Cascade Fathead (Lundahl Transformers) x2 

-AEA Nuvo 8 Ribbon

-Gibson Les Paul Custom

-Reverend Sensei 290

-Reverend Sensei with Railhammers

-Fender Deluxe Active P Bass Special


Friedman Runt 50 w/ Hot Mod

Peavey 6505+

Peavey Ultra 

Evh 5150 III 50 

Peavey VTM 60

Peavey Butcher 

Vox AC30 

Fender Super 4x12 

Fender Supersonic 1x12 

Ampeg V4 

Peavey VTM Cab (Celestion K85)

Splawn 4x12 (V30 and G12H30)

Avatar 2x12 (V30 and G12m-65)

Ampeg 6x10 Bass Cab*

Marshall Mode 4 4x12 (V30)*

Mesa Boogie 4x12 (V30)*

*Available to rent for live events


Capi VP312 x 6

Warm Wa-12 x 2

Five Fish SC-1 x 2  

Black Lion Audio B12a Quad 

Empirical Labs Distressor x 2 

Warm WA76 (1176)

DBX 160XT x2 

Capi LC40 (API)

DIYRE EQP5 (Pultec) 

SSL Violet EQ 

Gyraf Gssl Bus Compressor (SSL) 

Gear available at Cold War Studios:

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